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Fewer appointments and meetings

Unfortunately, project managers spend far too much time on calendar tetris and meeting marathons. Agree simplifies: meeting-free, decentralized, asynchronous.

No more blocked decisions

With Agree, you increase the chances of decisions being made on time. With automatic reminders and uncomplicated, digital participation.

Decisions that everyone supports

If everyone is on board with decisions, they won't be overturned later. Agree helps you to get the approval of all key stakeholders.


Agree simplifies decision management for construction projects with many stakeholders. Get approvals in record time and make sure that everyone involved in the project is always up to date.


Faster decision-making processes

Decisions can be made with any number of participants digitally and without a meeting.


Always keep an overview

The status of all decisions can be viewed at any time by all those involved at a central location.


Reliable documentation

All decisions, whether made digitally and asynchronous or in meetings, are centrally documented and searchable.

Anything but standard

Every project has its own special challenges. We help you set up Agree and configure the tool according to your needs.


Works on all systems

Agree is a web tool and works on all devices and IT systems. You can easily invite stakeholders by email or with a shareable link.

User-friendly and secure

The tool requires no special knowledge and has already been tested with hundreds of people. You control over who has access.

Personal support

We offer you a personal contact person with proven process and decision-making expertise. We also offer training and consulting services.


Swiss Engineering & Privacy by Design

Agree is developed and operated in Switzerland. The protection of the privacy of our users is of the highest priority. For the operation of Agree, we use third-party providers that have their headquarters in Switzerland or the EU.