Roman Tschäppeler
Decision Expert

Roman studied with the Kaospilots in Denmark and at the Zurich University of the Arts. He co-authored international bestsellers, including The Decision Book and The Communication Book. He advises companies on New Work and travels the country as a speaker.

Flurin Hess

Flurin studied Business Psychology at the University of London in London. His biggest interest is organisational development and how digitalisation affects the way we work together. Flurin co-founded the think tank Dezentrum and the blockchain coworking space Trust Square.

Andrés Villa Torres
Technology & UX

Andrés is a designer, media artist, technology researcher and software developer. He specializes in exploring the conceptual, social and pragmatic aspects of technology. Before Agree, he was CTO at the tech startup "evulpo". He holds a Master's degree in Interaction Design and Social Anthropology.

Ruben Feurer
Product Management & Design

Ruben studied Digital Management in London and gained experience as an entrepreneur with flat hierarchies, Sociocracy 3.0 and Holacracy. He worked intensively on the topic of "New Work" at the Dezentrum think tank and is now contributing his experience to Agree.

Agree was initiated by the Think & Do Tank Dezentrum and the digital agency mutoco. Contributors: Daniel Steffen (Design), David Lüscher (Project Management), Fabienne Bielmann (Technology & UX), Killian Sonnentrücker (Technology & UX), Lena Jaggi (Project Management) and Roman Schmid (Technology).