Training: Team Decision-Making

Online - 60 minutes
In our one-hour online training, your team will learn how to make better and more efficient decisions. Our decision experts teach the basics of group decision-making and explain what to look for in the process. Because we know: When team members decide well together, they become more empowered, motivated and happier.

What do participants learn in the training?

"Refreshing and helpful. Our subsequent meeting was immediately much more decisive!"
Claire Comte, Managing Director of Plattform Glattal

Why should your company invest in training?

Studies indicate that improving decision-making participation in teams and organizations creates a better work culture - and enables the company to empower committed employees to take responsibility. An open discussion about decision-making culture also makes sense in hierarchical companies: project results of the teams become more robust, the attractiveness of the company increases.
"With his relaxed and humorous manner, Roman has definitely awakened the desire to try things out (especially when making decisions together)."
Jan, Digital Council Zurich University of the Arts

About the training leaders

Roman Tschäppeler is a keynote speaker, columnist and author. His co-authored bestseller "ENTSCHEIDEN - die besten Strategien für große Beschlüsse" has been translated into 25 languages and has become an indispensable classic for decision-makers.
Flurin Hess' biggest interest is organizational development and how digitalization affects the way we work together. Flurin co-founded the think tank for digitalization & society "Dezentrum" and studied Business Psychology at the University of London.
Ruben Feurer has accompanied various organizations in implementing flatter hierarchies and promoting self-organization. In particular, he has delved into and worked with the Sociocracy 3.0 and Holacracy frameworks.