How the remote team AxLabs decides with Agree

"We use Agree for decisions that are actually simple, but potentially trigger long discussions" says the owner of the software company AxLabs, Guilherme Sperb Machado, with a smile. He cites the naming of a new project as an example. 

Usually, team members first develop a variety of names individually for this. Then it's a matter of agreeing on one. In an unstructured online meeting, this process can be very tedious and lengthy, often frustrating. Yet such selection and decision-making processes are anything but "rocket science". Sperb Machado is certain that the vote on Agree will significantly shorten this decision-making process.

Sperb Machado cites corporate positioning decisions as another example of AxLabs' use of Agree. For him, it is important that all team members can identify with the company. Therefore, he wants everyone to have a say in how AxLabs presents itself to the outside world. "I used Agree to make decisions with the team regarding our rebranding." For example, whether the proposed core message is coherent for everyone.

Fast, structured and fair approach

"With Agree, we can decide quickly and with a deadline." Sperb Machado describes the biggest advantage of Agree. But he doesn't see speed as the only advantage: "Participants should feel that the decision was made in a fair way." Agree offers a decision-making process in which the rules are the same and clear to everyone. This increases the acceptability of a decision. Even if someone didn't vote for a particular option: "A decision is more likely to be accepted if the process is transparent and comprehensible," says Sperb Machado. 

Part of the AxLabs team in Zurich. The rest works remotely.

"I like how simple and straightforward Agree is."

Agree as a dedicated place for decisions

"I like how simple and straightforward Agree is." Sperb Machado continues. His team uses messengers such as Discord or Element for communication, but these channels are not suitable for decisions. Of course, you can have a vote or survey via email or messenger, but in messengers messages can still be edited afterwards and team members are strongly influenced by the opinions of others. 

Especially when superiors or managers are the first to vote. This is better solved with Agree, because there the result is only visible once you have cast your vote.

About AxLabs

AxLabs is a boutique software engineering company providing services in the area of web3 and decentralization. The small company with six employees realizes projects for customers from all over the world - from China to Europe and the USA. The team is also globally distributed, so they mainly work remotely.

Published in
September 2023