Decision Types


The participant casts a predetermined number of votes on one or more existing proposals - but no more than one vote per proposal.
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The participant can accept or reject an individual proposal. Rejection requires a coherent objection as to how this decision could harm the team.
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The participant can give final and quasi-contractual approval to a proposal. In case of rejection, a justification with a proposal for change must be provided.
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The participant ranks the available proposals according to individual preferences. The result is a common ranking list.
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The participant can say "yes" or "no" to a proposal - or abstain from the decision. In the event of a "no" vote, a statement of reasons must be provided.
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The co-deciding person distributes a given number of points among the available proposals: for example, all points to one option - or according to desire and opinion.
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Fist to Five

The co-deciding person can accept or reject an individual proposal by expressing and justifying possible reservations on a scale from 0 (fist) to 5 (open hand).
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Collaborative Budgeting

The co-decision maker can spend a budget on different options without going over or under budget.
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The co-decider rates the proposals on one of four different scales. The rating is done with emoticons, stars, signs or a number scale.
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